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Sep 19, 2022

 I had someone ask me, "Why do you think Joe Rogan is so popular? and I took some time to do some research. I wrote a blog post/video at

Things We Learned/Noticed

  • Joe can be a bit of a lightning rod. You either love him or hate him
  • Joe had impostor syndrome.
  • Joe only has guests he wants to talk to
  • Joe creates an environment where people don't have to worry about triggering others. They talk freely.
  • Joe actually mocks/jokes with his guests. Who do you do this with? Your closest friends. 
  • Joe is authentic and it resonates.
  • He spent years learning how to entertain audiences and eventually moved to where he could get more work.
  • While he is a celebrity, that may work to get you to press play ONCE, but you need to deliver value to get them to click AGAIN. 
  • Joe states the top skills for an interviewer are listening and thinking

My Opinion

I listen to Joe's show when I see a guest I know and want to no more.

I believe Joe could use some editing. Not to make it 20 minutes, but there are times when I am asking, "How did this make it past the edit?"


You need to be comfortable being yourself. When you try to be someone else, it's hard and doesn't work. That added weight of being someone else leads to burnout.

Play to your strengths. Let your humor shine if you have it. If you're more serious, then build a show around it. 

Everyone's biggest fear is to create a show while being themselves will result in a show that's not popular. There are SO MANY reasons why a show can fail, but I can help you avoid the most common mistakes.

Ready To Start Your Podcast

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I need your answer by the end of 9/23/22

Podcasters are starting to buy ads on other podcasts as a way to grow their audience. Have you ever taken action toward a podcast after hearing a promo for their show on another podcast? When you answer be sure to tell us a little about your show, and your website.

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When you answer tell us about your show (including the WEBSITE ADDRESS).

Where I Will Be?

I look forward to seeing you all, please come up and say high. To see my full itinerary, go to


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