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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Aug 28, 2006

Dave is using an Altec Lansing AHS302i Headset Microphone and is not really impressed.

We also talk about the proper sequence of recording a "post production" show and why.


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Courtest of Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler Podcast ( )

The Onion Radio News

Aug 20, 2006

Used appropriately, music and sound effects can really enhance your CONTENT.

Dave shares his feelings as he has quit listening to some podcasts as they play "whacky" sound effects over and over (and they don't even tie in with the content). What do you think? Does this bug you?  

On the other hand, Music and sound...

Aug 14, 2006

Dave talks about a new podsafe music resource. It's takes a CD from manufacturing all the way through distribution and its embracing podcasting. (look for the Podcaster sign up in the lower left hand corner).

Dave also recently purchased a Marantz MD 660 portable recorder he discusses...

Aug 7, 2006

Dave interviews Charter Harkins one of the creators of of a cool tool for Podcasters to boost communication, increase search engine searchability and send links via email to a certain time in the mp3 file.

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