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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jul 28, 2008

This show originates from This is show number 146

Today I play with my new DBX 286A compressor/deesser/enahncer/noise gate that I bought from I really like it (its around 200, I got it for $150).

Previously I was using a Behringer Composer Pro XL which I got...

Jul 22, 2008

Today I dip my toe into the Video Podcasting pool. I was lucky enough to secure one of the new Flip Video Cameras.

This camera takes great video no matter what lighting you put it in (if you have extreme back lighting it may be a little dark, but let's be realistic..). I took video at dusk and it looked much brighter...

Jul 14, 2008

Paul Colligan has a great post about building a podcast audience. So many people "If I build it they will come." Not so. Get ready for relentless marketing.

Today I talk about and other ways to build that audience. It amounts to this:

1. Find out who your audience is (put a form on your website).

2. Find...

Jul 7, 2008

This show originates at This is show 143.

I read about this on Leesa Barnes' blog how Terry Fallis won 10,000. He previously couldn't get an agent (which he now has). Congrats Terry.

I mentioned today that Todd Cochrane had said a typical podcast episode is "done" after 72 hours. I miss...

Jul 1, 2008

I went to Podcamp Ohio. It was great. WE RAN OUT OF ROOM. My hat is off to Angelo and everyone involved with organizing the event. It was so smooth, and they handled everything (what a great problem to have - not enough room!).

Todd Cochrane had a great presentation about getting sponsors. HE also stated that typically...