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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Sep 25, 2006

Dave talks the upcoming expo in Ontario California and why should be ready to take advantage of the opportunity. It's humour cast as Dave is really, really tired.

We also talk about getting feedback from friends on your podcast.

We also have a "Last 5 in 5" from Paul at the Technobabel Podcast

Sep 18, 2006

Dave has been track EXCATLY how long it takes to make a podcast. This includes:

Researching stories
Organzing show notes for recording
Recorind the Podcast
Editing mp3 tags
Uploading the mp3
Creating the Show notes

It turns out that based on my last 7 podcasts, you spend 4 minutes for every 1 minute of podcast. For...

Sep 11, 2006

Dave reminds people about Podshow Music Rewind. It's very easy to cross promote your pdocast in front of other music lovers. Check out their submission form RIGHT HERE

Last 5 In 5 from Alan Lew of Travelography ( )

Amateur Travler Podcast ( )
Smart City (

Sep 4, 2006

Dave talks about supporting listeners comments from a Customer Service stand point. He also points out a hidden trick that "regular" radio uses to get people to call in.

Enjoy your holiday (the last 5 in 5 will return next week).