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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jan 27, 2014

Today we hear how podcasting is bringing clients to business es that don’t even exist, we hear how podcasting is set to potentially doubling Trent Dyrsmid’s business. You will hear how you can open doors to networking via podcasting. Today’s show is recorded using Sound Byte on my iPad for playing music and sound...

Jan 20, 2014

Today we interview George Hrab as he looks back of seven years of podcasting as he started out wanting to make his friends laugh, and ended up touring the world.  Because of my Podcast [1:26] James Neuman of the Human Perfofmance Tools ( )podcast was asked to do a presentation about using...

Jan 12, 2014

Today we talk about some updates to the spreaker platform where you can now see how many people are listening on iHeart radio. We also hear from Mignon Fogarty who has appeared on Oprah and the Today to talk about grammar. Because of My Podcast… [1:20] Rem from the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast has this to […]


Jan 9, 2014

I’m back from New Media Expo. It was a blast and I’m sure I will be talking more about it in the future. I liked the opening key note, but for me it was the next session that really hit home with me. It was by one of my favorite people Michael Hyatt. He has […]

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