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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Oct 30, 2023

We all know the feeling of hearing a brilliant thought or idea during a podcast, only to have it slip away just as quickly. Well, fear not! In this episode, our host shares their struggles with capturing and remembering information, as well as some incredible insights about how to overcome this challenge. I asked my...

Oct 23, 2023

While there are no rules for podcasting, there are best practices, and today I'm talking with Courtney Elmer, who helps people get into the top 100 of the Apple Charts. We also discuss how podcasting can give you back your voice and help you be heard. 

An entrepreneur can boost sales when their podcast is

On a regular...

Oct 16, 2023

Today, we are talking about your episodes down to a proverb. Proverbs are crafted phrases that have successfully passed wisdom from generation to generation. Proverbs are the ultimate "long story short" that draw their power from the simplicity of their presentation. Are there things you repeat in your show often?...

Oct 9, 2023

Episode 900 (as was 800, 700, etc) has me breaking format. In this episode, I share why all the not-so-great things that happened to you grow up help make you, YOU. Your uniqueness may be the EXACT thing that resonates with people who need to hear your content. 

After coming back from the Spark Ignite Christian Podcast...

Oct 2, 2023

I first interviewed Brenden Mullen from Podpage back on episode 728. Today he's back as they have added Podpage Eilite a new plan that adds tools to help your podcast get found, notify guests, provide stats on links and more. 

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