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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Aug 29, 2016

I can handle some people explaining their strategies of launching a podcast, but there are some things that are just blatantly WRONG. Here are a couple that get my goat.

Episodes Get Downloaded When People Subscribe

If you simply launch with only one episode on your first day, and someone subscribes to your podcast,...

Aug 22, 2016

How Do I Grow My Audience?

  • Know Who Your Audience Is
  • Know What They Want
  • Go Where They Are
  • Make Friends With Them and Bring Value to Your Conversations
  • Tell them About Your Show
  • Make it Is To Find, Share, and Remember

How Long Should My Podcast Be?

  • Don't do the "Dave Jackson Power Hour" if you only have 18 minutes of...

Aug 15, 2016

Today shares his thought on Podcamp Pittsburgh, the death of, and what geese, Ringo Star, and Michael Phelps can teach podcasters.

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The Messengers Are Coming!

If you live within driving distance of Akron, Ohio you might want to make a trip this Saturday the 20th of August as the Film Crew of...

Aug 8, 2016

Today I'm going to share three things your podcast needs to be successful, I'm also going to share some podcasting news, and a product review on a replacement.


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Blubrry Launches Adverting Partner Plan

If you are looking for an advertiser for your show, Blubrry was one of the first...

Aug 1, 2016

Driveway moments are podcasts that have you so captivated that when you get to home instead of going in to be with your family, you sit in the driveway to finish the episode. This week I had such a moment with episode 206 of the RED podcast hosted by David Hooper. I wanted to get Dave on the line to see what went on...