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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

May 28, 2006

Dave asks the question, "What are you using to stay organized?" as he had accidentally missplaced his interview with Rich Palmer of the show is 19 minutes long (a little long, but an interesting story).

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Please note the audio review of the Audio Technica...

May 20, 2006

Thanks to everyone who commmented about the last show. Well I found out the hard way that the T30 DOES NOT allows you to plug in a microphone to the LINE IN. The line is for plugging in a CD player (or any other line device). Dave's answer was to go to and buy a refurbished iRiver 899 (total cost 95.11 )


May 15, 2006

Dave talks about his old iRiver 899 and his new iRiver T30 he also talks about Mobile Entertainment magazine, and the mystery of and their uint the MP-C941

Also attention Students don't miss the "Podcaster Roundtable" Next Sunday (details are at the top of the screen when you login).

Notice: The price of...

May 8, 2006

Dave answers some listener about the Podcaster News Network a (He does a podcast called Sloppy Seconds making fun of the Music Buisiness on that site).

He also mentioned Kiptronic for a way to exhcnage promos (which is his preferred method).

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Lastly Dave talks about a new Virtual...

May 1, 2006

Dave interviews John Zeratsky of and John explains the recent stats upgrade, some of the great tools (like pingshot), and the new email service.

Brian had asked what service I was using. I use Kall8 (and if you use the link below I get a "finders fee). It's easy and its only a couple of bucks a...