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May 20, 2006

Thanks to everyone who commmented about the last show. Well I found out the hard way that the T30 DOES NOT allows you to plug in a microphone to the LINE IN. The line is for plugging in a CD player (or any other line device). Dave's answer was to go to and buy a refurbished iRiver 899 (total cost 95.11 )

If you're not looking to spend the giant bucks on a Marantz 660 ($500), Roland-Edirol has the new R-09 coming out later this month ($400). Allan Stewart from the Marketers Podcast let me know that new models of Minidisc recorders have the ability to download to a PC. I checked into this an sony has a model MZM100 and it does connect via USB (Click the link and buy a new MZ-M100 from us and receive a free pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones ($99 value) with your order. While supplies last! at

Keep in mind that line in does NOT equal mic in.

Thanks to:
Peter from
Alan Stewart

windows 7 certification
thirteen and a half years ago

This makes life difficult for any writer, but especially for one who was recently an editor. And even more so for one who was a writer/editor. For nearly two decades, I assigned myself stories, turned them in to my unwavering approval, and then got back to myself immediately regarding publication dates. Being your own man pales in comparison to being your own editor (which, among other things, allows for the former).