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School of Podcasting

Jan 25, 2021

FOMO In Action

I was at Social Media Marketing World in 2018 enjoying a networking event on an aircraft carrier in San Diego California. I was contacted by Michael Oneil as he and a few friends were going to go to a club called Prohibition and wanted to know if I would want to attend. Did I say it was a club?...

Jan 18, 2021

Would you like 300,000 downloads per episode? Are you willing to work for three weeks to get media exposure in 2% of the outlets you contact? Are you willing to work for months on your first episodes and ask others to give you HONEST feedback on your show? Are you willing to ask questions that might potentially show you...

Jan 11, 2021

If Ron Howard Uses Focus Groups...

Ron Howard has been in the entertainment industry since he was a little boy on the Andy Griffith Show, Later he was on Happy Days and since then has been making phenomenal movies. He's been nominated for 114 awards and won 39 times for a percentage of 34%, In 2002 he won with A...

Jan 4, 2021

It's the first episode of the years and in the same that I have the last episode of the year look at why people listen, today we talk about how to start. Ten Years ago I did an episode called "27 steps to launch a podcast and today I am going to update it. As you might imagine things have changed in 10 years. If you...

Dec 28, 2020

Every year I ask my audience what their favorite podcast is and why it is their favorite. They can also plug their website. This exercise then helps us understand why people tune in, as well as hear about some great podcasts. 

In general, I say good content will make us:

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Think
  • Groan
  • Educate
  • Entertain

So pay...