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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jul 29, 2007

The great thing about podcasting is its getting big enough for companies to start building tools for podcasters. Today we look at the Audio Lite system from Gigavox (the makers of the Levelator).

You can record your podcast in segements. Then (if needed) you can update certain segments (like an...

Jul 22, 2007

Today I went and looked at some numbers regarding people using phones to listen to the School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements. I use and I had anywhere from 15 to 47 downloads a month. I also looked at how many people used the link and since April 100 people have...

Jul 15, 2007

Today we talk about what a double ender is, and some tips on recording them. We also talk about the newdirectory I've added at

Also mentioned:

Jul 10, 2007

In the episode we interview Paul Colligan of who has created a new Premium Podcast Solution that you can find at

This solution has three difference levels (including free), that allows you to have a private podcast, sell your podcast, sell a digital product, have an...

Jul 2, 2007

Is there ONE thing that you can do to bring a giant number of listeners? Probably not, but the key values are the same - find out where your listeners hang out and get some information to them. "You need to move to where the food is..."

We are giving away "Dog Pack #3" from to a School of Podcasting...