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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jul 31, 2006

I walk the listener through adjusting a voicemail comment from a scratchy, noisey sound bite to a smoother sounding clip ready to use. Dave explains some features that are in Sony Sound Forge (Free shipping at Same Day Music ) also Dave is using Castblaster in this issue.

I also talks about cleaning up those listener...

Jul 24, 2006

Dave explains that after going on someone's show, THEIR podcast was inserted into his Musicians Cooler feed. They re-wrote (hijacked) his RSS file. He exaplains how he fixed it, and reminds everyone to pick good passwords, and to change them often.

Last 5 in 5
Dan from Journey Inside My Mind Podcast provides his last 5...

Jul 17, 2006

Dave has some fun playing with Jason Robertshaw of and trys to find a new opening.

Dave discusses an idea that came about in today's School of Podcasting Roundtable (available to members of the School of Podcasting ) using promotional drink coasters from

Jul 10, 2006

Dave interviews  John Mayerhofer the CEO of a service that will help deliver your podcast to phones.

Dave mentions a new segment "5 in 5" inspired by Joe of This is where you tell us (not so much your favorites but) what were the last 5 podcasts you listened to (do NOT include...

Jul 6, 2006

Dave gets notified about the Podcaster Awards and in checking eligibility discovers his RSS feed is NOT 100% valid. As the deadline is 7/15 you may want to get cracking on validating your feed, and alerting your listeners (that is if you care about these types of things - it might attract more sponsors if you...