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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

Every month we have a "question of the month" and this month it's what are you going to do differently in 2020 with your podcast?

Because of My Podcast

Lee from the Covert Nerd podcast was trying to speak at a panel. He was sensing a little pushback until he mentioned he had a podcast ( and got the speaking gig). He...

Jan 20, 2020


00:00:58 Slow Down When You Talk About Yourself
00:03:08 Podcast Magazine
00:08:50 Interview
00:31:38 Fun with Math
00:42:28 Question of the Month
00:43:26 Podcasting Events

Different Ways of Accepting Money From Your Podcast

Today I talk with Amira...

Jan 13, 2020

Today we talk about creating great content that people will share, and take a slightly deeper dive into the topic by looking at WTF by Marc Maron.

When I reverse engineered the content I consumed, I noticed that no matter if its a book, magazine, TV show, or movie, whatever I'm consuming:

Made me laugh

Made me cry


Jan 6, 2020

Every January I get people who want to start a podcast and I am glad to help them, but there are some people who have absolutely unrealistic expectations. Today I want to talk about what to expect. 

Every podcaster starts with the same two things: 

A) No audience

B) Integrity

I Can't Make the Podcast Filled with...