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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jul 29, 2013

In today’s podcast I’m playing with all sorts of tools . I recently purchased the Yamaha MG102C mixer and I really like it. It’s very flexible, and comes in right under $100. I’m also playing with Radioboss software that allows me to mix in music, jingles, etc and broadcast LIVE to a service like...

Jul 22, 2013

Today we are focusing on creating engaging content that will help you grow your podcast audience. I discovered Erik K Johnson on the New Media Expo blog. I contacted him and he was nice enough to come on the show and discuss creating great content. Member Spotlight Win The Diet War [1:28] Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin […]

Jul 15, 2013

Today we hear how mega star Jerry Seinfeld looks at his “job” of being a comedian. How life is great if you’re work is doing something you think is a gift. Jim Collison shares insights into an experiment he has been doing to grow his audience, as well as Google Analytics, Podcasting Live and Jim’s […]