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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Sep 18, 2006

Dave has been track EXCATLY how long it takes to make a podcast. This includes:

Researching stories
Organzing show notes for recording
Recorind the Podcast
Editing mp3 tags
Uploading the mp3
Creating the Show notes

It turns out that based on my last 7 podcasts, you spend 4 minutes for every 1 minute of podcast. For example this podcast is about 10 minutes in length. As I type these show notes I'm at the 34 minute mark.


Well, sometimes we get caught up in how fun podcasting is and we want to start another one before realizing that if we do a 15 minute podcast 4 times a week, that 4 HOURS of show production required. In some cases, you end up skimping on preparing good quality content, and then ALL your shows suffer.

Just Dave's way of saying, "Maybe you should think about it before starting another podcast."

See you at the Expo


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