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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Aug 14, 2006

Dave talks about a new podsafe music resource. It's takes a CD from manufacturing all the way through distribution and its embracing podcasting. (look for the Podcaster sign up in the lower left hand corner).

Dave also recently purchased a Marantz MD 660 portable recorder he discusses his decision and other decent (less expensive) models such as:

Edirol R-09 (not the E9 that I mentioned)
Sony MZ100 Minisc Recorder ($299)
Other Minidisc Recorders at Sound Professionals 
Also, does not charge tax (except in NJ).

Last 5 in 5 Courest of Mignon of the Absolute Science Podcast ( )
4. Teknikal diffikulties 
3. Matt's Today in History 
2. Armchair President 
1. The Big Show

Other Sites Mentioned:
CC Chapman (using an Edirol Unit)