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Mar 13, 2023

Email is a crucial part of modern marketing, with over 330 billion emails sent daily, expected to reach 376 billion by 2025. While email marketing strategies have changed, it remains a key player in any marketing strategy. It is the go-to marketing channel for the best online marketers due to its high return on investment. Email marketing outperforms strategies like SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing, making it the most cost-effective way to promote products and communicate with customers.

Today we hear from seasoned email veterans from different viewpoints, purposes, and motivations to share their insights into running a podcast.

In Case You Missed Last Week

We add a new clip from John Lee Dumas who shares what he would do differently. Last week we heard from Joe from Stacking Benjamins and other veterans on launching a pocast. Check it out.


Ariel Nissenblatt

James Cridland

Jessica Kupferman

Daniel J Lewis

David Hooper

A Newsletter Help Remind Your Listeners About You

Both James and the No Agenda Show see where their newsletter reminds your audience you exist and hopefully supports you.

You Can Use Auto Responders

You can create a series of email called an autoresponder to release at certain time intervals. This "Set it and forget it" can help build your connection with your audience (while you sleep)

Yes, You Can Automate Your Podcast to Email But...

While services Like Mailerlite, Convertkit, Aweber, SendFox, and many others will make it easy to enter your podcast RSS feed, and it will take your episode description and convert it to an email. Aside from James, who works some technical voodoo (he's a programmer), none of the participants used the "RSS to Email" tools. 

They had developed their own format, topics, etc, and wrote them from scratch or copied and pasted their content in an effort to repurpose it.

Additional Email Topics

What NOT to do with your Email List

The benefits of Segmentation

Understanding Pricing

The Importance of Always Delivering Value

What you get from having a newsletter

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