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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Apr 6, 2014

Today we hear some clips on how you can market your business with podcasting, some podcasting pet peeves, and we talk about how to identify and embrace your uniqueness.


Because of My Podcast [1:50] I'm Getting Paid to Podcast on Another Show

Jonathan Downham of has four episodes into his own podcast when another company approached him to create a podcast for THEM (and for that he is getting paid). 

Dave's Latest Appearances [3:24]

Podcasts Roundtable Episode 27 "Pet Peaves II"

Online Marketing and Communications with Job Buscall talking how to use Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Engaging Life and Leadership with Darren Dake and Anita Brooks

Podcast Review Show now featuring "Podcast Talent Coach" Erik K Johnson

Embracing Your Uniqueness [12:53]

I've spoken about John Lee Doomis before, and this week we are talking about creating your own style and embracing what YOU bring to the table. Here are some examples in the "Podcasts about podcasting" realm.

Ray Ortega has extensive video knowledge, and he produces a podcast for a living.

Podcaster's Roundtable is purposely designed to NOT BE a "how to" podcast but instead focus on the issues around podcasting. 

Daniel J Lewis has a background in web design and graphic arts. He is very detail oriented. We love to poke fun at Daniel's lists, but those lists are well thought out and create great content. This is why Daniel is the one podcast in the "podcasts about podcasting" world that can see he has WON (not just nominated) a podcast award. 

For me, I have been helping people understand technology for over 20 years. I have a teaching background. I bill myself as someone who can help you understand technology without getting into geek speak. I've also been doing this since 2005 (and not many people can say that). 

Cliff Ravenscraft has an hour long show that goes outside the scope of podcasting and talks a lot about social media, and what is going on in Cliff's life. 

Podcast Help Desk is from Mike Dell. Mike brings his tech support experience to the microphone to identify common problems. 

Scott Hertzdog is focusing on podcast gear (and only podcast gear). 

Can You start Your Own Niche?

What if you are a dental hygienist, and you want to do a podcast about social media. Why not start a podcast about using social media for dentists?

Kathy Kelly does the special mouse podcast. Her son has autism so her podcasts focuses on going to Disney Parks with a person who has special needs. 

Steph at Capturing Magic takes her love of Disney and Scrapbooking and puts them together. 

Some Questions To Think About

What are you talking about all the time? That you just can't seem to stop talking about? This is more than likely you passion.

What do you bring to the table? You age, perspective, history, experience?

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Content 

Many bands tried to be the Beatles when they arrived on the scene. If you are being "copied" be flattered. Someone thinks your good enough to steal borrow from. Keep doing what you do well. It comes naturally to you. For someone who is trying to be you it won't come as easy. Remember LOTS of people "podfade" because of the work involved. You find it easy to be you, and it will be a chore for them.