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May 30, 2022

Mark has been working on his podcast Beyond Bourbon St for years. He had 14 thousand of people in his Facebook Group. He had just gone over 1 million downloads and secure a publisher for a book on New Orleans.

And then a pandemic stopped everything. Today you will hear how Mark pivoted without losing his audience, and how he lost 90% of his sponsors without losing his mind. 

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Everything Was Going Good Until it Wasn't

As many of his partners relied on tourists, when there are no tourists, the result is no partners (or at least 90% less). 

In this discussion, you will hear 

  • How Did Mark Survive Covid
  • How Mark Came Up With His Prices
  • How Does Mark Find Partners?
  • Secrets of a Good Community
  • 1 Million Downloads
  • How He Got a Book Deal
  • Podcast Growth Insights
  • Why Do We Struggle to Promote?
  • Keeping Your Sanity

Check out Mark at and check out his book Beyond Bourbon St.: An Insider's Guide to New Orleans on Amazon (aff).

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