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Oct 25, 2021

You tell me that your guest is a master of (skill) and I'm ready to hear about (skill), but first, you make me listen to where he went to high school, and his entire backstory while all I want to talk about is how he can help me boost (skill). 

So for me the "tell me about yourself" drives me nuts. I asked my audience, "Am I missing something? and they answered (and in some cases I am). 

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Thanks To The Contributors

Scott from What Was That Like?

Max from Aviation New Talk

Louis from Love Thy Lawyer

Bill From the Stroke Cast

Mark from the History of North America

November Question of the Month

As you produce episodes between now and November 26th, 2021 pay attention (and even track) how long it takes you to go from Ideas to pressing "Publish" on your media host (this does NOT include promotion). As always feel free to record a message and say something like, "Hey Dave this is (name) from (name of the show) at (website) my episode was (length of the episode) and it took me (time from idea to publishing). You can find more about my show at (website).

If you'd like, I've even made a spreadsheet where you can enter
Name of Podcast (not episode - the podcast)
The length of the finished episode (in minutes).
The time spent (in minutes) to complete the episode
If it was solo, co-host, interview.
If there is video was involved.

You can answer your question at

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Launching a Podcast in 2022?

As you heard in today's show, it takes some time to get focused, find your voice and make content that impacts your audience Join the School of Podcasting or Order the Quick Start Plan