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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jan 29, 2007

In this podcast I answer one of the most frequently asked quesitons. "What is RSS, and why do I get jibberish when I click this orange thing?"

Dave also assigns some "homework."

LAST 5 IN 5 From John of The M Show ( )

Barack Obama Us Senator for Illinois

Rumor Girls

Accident Hash

Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd

Kamakaze Comic Book Podcast (Fanboy?)

 Don't forget the Podcast Pickle contest starts February 1st!

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thirteen and a half years ago

So now two black men and a white woman get all kinds of startled looks and worried glances. What happens when they enter a bar full of racist Boers is so far-fetched you can only accept it on faith. It does, however, provide Marcel van Heerden with a memorable cameo as a curmudgeonly old Boer.

This mix of near slapstick comedy and social commentary louis vuitton backpack doesn't always gel. Not helping matters is the film's near total reliance on caricatures from the fey wedding planner and punctilious bridal-shop assistant to the country rustics and township matriarchs that snatch the wedding out of the beleaguered bride's hands.

So "Wedding" is a mixed bag, to say the least. It is interesting, for instance, to see how black characters will switch languages to exclude others from a conversations. But you worry that on occasion the characters fooled the subtitlists as well. So much of the behavior defies easy understanding yet the translated dialogue fails to satisfy those concerns.