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Aug 26, 2007

Today I am looking at the Behringer USB Podcast Studio. This retails for $100 and it comes with everything you need to start podcasting (cables, mic, software, etc).

This is geared towards the (in my opinion) single podcaster. You can connect more than one microphone to this, but there is only one XLR input (so you will need quarter inch cable converters, etc for mic number 2 - if you have more than one person "in studio").

Here is what I liked about it:
The box comes with a handle making it every easy and convienient to take with you.
It's small and doesn't take up your entire desk.
The USB interface connected to both my computers without a hitch. I didn't even need to touch the driver CD.
The manual is in a bunch of languages.
The Price. If you purchased these separately you would be put out $158.

What I wish would change about the product.
Add an ON/OFF switch.

Other Things to Consider:
If you want to use a condensor microphone late, you will need to purchase a separate phantom power
With ANY USB device you may need to switch back and forth in the control panel to set the input to USB. (However if this is the only itme you use as an input, you won't have to change this).

Bottom Line on Unit:
As expected, a dynamic microphone is not quiet as clear as a condensor microphone (but it still osudns fine). However, the slight lack of high end could be compensated with a tweak of the EQ. If you're in a hurry, these items produce audio that is just as good (if not better) than many of the podcasts out there.

Check out the Podcaststudio an SAME DAY MUSIC or they have a Firewire version (built a bit more for two people, and has a condensor microphone).

If you are interested in what I'm using check out

Brian Mundy from asked if Dave is rady for the Expo. (I'm not, but I do have my business cards ready). He mentioned how people "Podpause" and this can annoy listeners. Why not make a show that says "I'm working on it" to keep people involved. I've sent an email to Geoff Smith saying he should write a song saying "I'll be back" and we all could play it when we need to podpause. If you're involved with marketing and/or digital imaging check out

almost fourteen years ago

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Bury Council, Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit and NHS Bury are investigating.

Lawyers representing the guests are taking legal action against the outside caterers, who are said to be co-operating fully with the investigation.

almost fourteen years ago

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