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Feb 25, 2019

Podcast Pet Peeves 2019
A peeve is defined as "a source of annoyance or irritation." Today we are talking Podcasting Pet peeves, but not just pet peeves but your TOP pet peeves. When you listen to a podcast and you hear this you reach for the unsubscribe button.


Stephanie - Ex Pat Rewind at

Jonathan - Weekly Awesome

Scott McCarthy - Moving Forward Leadership

Bill from Youth with a Mission

Trish - Honest Nurse Podcast

Scott - What Was That Like?

Issa Fears and Desires

Brian - Conspiracy Theoryology

Emmanuel Laroche - Flavors Unknown

Anna Seawalt - Authentic Parenting Podcast

Marc - Resourceful Designer

Justin - Optimal Living Daily

Laura Reviews and Randomness

Matt - The Author Inside You

Scott – Code 3 Podcast

Moxie – Your Brain On Facts

Brian - Engaging Missions

Ryan - My Perfect Podcast

Win Charles - Ask Win

C.L. - Plantrama

Your Podcast Consultant - NEW SHOW

I launched a new show in January for those who want to learn about podcasting in bite-sized chunks. It's called "Your Podcast Consultant" and you can find it at you can subscribe to the show in Apple or Google, Spotify

Episodes include:

Why start a podcast

How long should my podcast be?

How to overcome your fear of technology

Starter Podcast Microphones

How do I pick my subject?

9 Strategies to get on other podcasts

Update on Anchor Advertisers

In the past when I created three test shows on Anchor, the only sponsor I was offered was Anchor (so what was described as a way for Anchor to make money, seemed to be yet another way for Anchor to lose more money). I mentioned this in an article and video I created.  When I logged into my Anchor Sucks (IMHO) show, I was surprised to see that Squarespace and the Black Tux wanted to sponsor a show that only had 70 downloads. Black Tux is .02 per downloads. Squarespace is .0175 per download and Anchor is .01 per download. If I included all three (which would mean a minute of 90 seconds of ads in my show) I would make almost .05 per download. Assuming an audience would sit through so many commercials. A show with 150 downloads would make $7.13 per episode.

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