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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jan 29, 2007

In this podcast I answer one of the most frequently asked quesitons. "What is RSS, and why do I get jibberish when I click this orange thing?"

Dave also assigns some "homework."

LAST 5 IN 5 From John of The M Show ( )

Barack Obama Us Senator for Illinois

Rumor Girls

Jan 22, 2007

Dave went back to colllege this week (but is still completely available to help new podcasters). He had a very difficult time getting bookmarks for his books. When he found one, he was amazed at how many times a day he viewed this bookmark. He did some research and found that you can have full color bookmarks create 500...

Jan 15, 2007

Dave talks about cross promotion, different samplg rates, and how he records a skype call.

Special thanks to Jeff Lamb of for the awesome promo and testimonial.

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Jan 8, 2007

Dave talks about how easy it is (and free) to cross promote your podcast. This is helped by networking with other podcasters who have similar podcasts. I play a quick promo I did for the Daily Source Code, I then turned around and used the same set up and ending and substituted a personalized greeting for each...

Jan 2, 2007

Dave gets some more feedback on shaping your image with a podcast (as some feel is not the right image for Dave), and he answers a question about using podpress ( ) with Libsyn and how to get the URL into WordPress.

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