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Dec 25, 2017

Every year I wind up the year by asking you what your favorite podcast is (if you could only listen to one sh0w) and more importantly why is it your favorite show. Here are the responses:

2:53 Kit from Active Travel Adventures Podcast - She Loves StoryBrand as she learns things she can use in every show

3:36 Adam from

Dec 18, 2017

This weekend I had "Christmas" with most of my family as my brother goes to Florida for Christmas with his in-laws. We bought my nieces and nephews who are ages 8 and under some of the toys we grew up playing. I noticed that these games are often very simplistic.  What does this have to do with podcasting? Becuase...

Dec 11, 2017

I attended the first ever PodCon in Seattle this weekend. It was cofounder by Hank and John Green who are You tubers who have a successful Dear Hank and John show, Joseph Fink from Welcome to Nightvale, Justin and Travis McElroy (My brother, My brother and Me).

I went to the opening ceremonies with close to 1000 people...

Dec 4, 2017

Because of My Podcast - My Band Sold Out Our Kickstarter


Matt from the band EleventySeven tells how his band had "taken a break" for the better part of four years. They decided to get the band back together, but how are we going to get the word out about the band reforming, and reconnecting with their audience?...

Nov 27, 2017

Every now and then I do an episode where you provide an answer to a question and we all learn together. This episode we asked the question, "What will you be doing differently in 2018?" Here are the people and their answers (in Alphabetical order)

Here is Who Contributed to the Episode

1:50 Abby From