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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Mar 30, 2014

Today in episode 402 we interview Jordan Harbinger who is the co-creator of the Art of Charm podcast. Jordan has used his podcast to build a seven figure podcast. In this 45 minute conversation we he decided to leave his career as a lawyer and do podcasting full time. We also see how he prepares for each episode, how...

Mar 24, 2014

 Today we talk about marketing lessons we can learn from a small Zoo I visited this week. We also hear about how families are starting to podcast together. With April 1st right around the corner, Steve Stewart is having fun reaching out to new audiences. We also talk about when and how to bring in additional content. 

Mar 16, 2014

Today we take a look back at 400 episodes (you'll hear all the old intro voice overs and the progressions I've gone through), and we talk about when it's ok to tweak your format. We have a discussion with Erik K Johnson the Podcast Talent coach on structuring your show, and writing a mission statement for...

Mar 9, 2014

Today on episode 399 we hear how people are getting press credentials with their podcast, we have an interview with Tony from Patreon which is a service that

Because of my Podcast - I have Press Credentials [2:34]

IVYENVY_ITUNES_300Today Corey from Ivy Envy podcast explains how his show on the Chicago Cubs has allowed him to get press...

Mar 2, 2014

Today in this episode we continue our discussion with Chris Christiansen of as he is the developer behind which is a great way for businesses and potential guests to find podcasters/bloggers. You can find it at

Because of my podcast [3:13]

Jeff from the Once...