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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Mar 2, 2014

Today in this episode we continue our discussion with Chris Christiansen of as he is the developer behind which is a great way for businesses and potential guests to find podcasters/bloggers. You can find it at

Because of my podcast [3:13]

Jeff from the Once Upon a Time podcast is now doing a podcast with his wife on the Television show Once Upon a Time. He has had actors from the show call in, and he went to watch a shooting of the show where he got to meet the actors and have lunch with them. He is now having an adventure with his wife.

Do You Break Up Interviews into Two Parts? [10:15]

If you have a long interview should you break it into two parts? For me there is no such thing as too long, only too boring. If the interview can be broken into two complete segments I think that's ok. I hate when I'm in the middle of a great conversation and the break in and say I have to wait until the next episode to hear the rest. As my interview with Chris went long last week, I cut this portion about blogger bridge from the interview and I'm using it today.

Blogger Bridge Helps Connect Podcasters With Businesses[11:55]

Blogger Bridge is a website that helps connect companies with relevant bloggers, writers, podcasters, videographers and other content creators. Some people should not work together. Find the right match of skills, approach, content and style for your brand. For more information go to

Podertainment Magazine is Live

You can order your subscription by going to (affiliate link). It's $12 a year or $2.99 per issue.

Should I podcast if I have a Accent? [19:05]

Lode of asks, "If English is a second language, should I podcast in English?" This will be completely subjective based on each person, but for me your accent is fine. I would recommend buying a domain and pointing it at your blogspot site.

What About Using Libsyn as a Website [24:55]

Bill from the ywam podcast ( asks about using as a media host and website like Rob Walch does on ?

This would be a way to save $7 a month that you would normally pay to a company like HostGator. Its a basic looking website, and you will need to know html to be able to edit it. I would use libsyn for hosting, and something like (IF YOU MUST GO FREE) for your website and submit the libsyn feed (not the Feedburner feed) to iTunes (and get feedburner out of the picture). I spoke about this back in 2008.  You can get a free month at using the coupon code " sopfree."

Phone System Checks [33:25]

I'm not testing a magic jack as I have tested Uberconference (I said ubercast on the show), and it works fine on its own. It drops callers left and right (as does Blog Talk Radio and . So we will see.

Patreon Helps Content Creators Get Paid [37:15]

This is a system that like a campaign that is on going, or you can set it up to be paid every time you release an episode. I will have a representative from Patreon on the show next week. You can see my example at and support the show.

Start Podcasting in Six Weeks is Postponed [38:11]

I'm moving the School of Podcasting to a VPS server to make it faster. Basically I'm getting more traffic than my current shared hosting can handle. I'm moving to Host Dime ($60 a month). It's not going to be fun, and it  will be time consuming. In general, I need the next few Saturdays to get things moved and in place so I can put future plans in place for the School of Podcasting. We still have the self paced tutorials running, but you can go to and sign up for the email list to be notified.


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