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Jun 16, 2008

Today I've got a BAD cold, and my throat is killing me. I share some stats from the latest report on Podcast consumers.

Podcast Listening is up 5 % both video and Audio
30% of regular Internet Users have downloaded a podcast
Video is catching audio podcasts with a 1 % lead going to Audio

What is the age of the podcast...

Jun 9, 2008

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If you are using a live podcast system like you need to be prepared to keep your show on track. I've listened to a few live podcasts, and someone will come in and "Crash" your podcast and start talking about their podcast which is completely...

Jun 1, 2008

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Today I look at my stats from the first episode of 2007 vs the first episode of 2008. To make things fair, the first show published in 2007 has had 517 days to download so I divded the 2007 by 517. The numbers for 2008 were divided by 152 (as this is June 1).

School of...