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Jun 1, 2008

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Today I look at my stats from the first episode of 2007 vs the first episode of 2008. To make things fair, the first show published in 2007 has had 517 days to download so I divded the 2007 by 517. The numbers for 2008 were divided by 152 (as this is June 1).

School of Podcasting 2007 1400 Downloads (2.7 a day)
School of Podcasting 2008 801 Downloads (5.3 a day)

Musicians Cooler 2007 1689 Downloads (3.3 a day)
Musicians Cooler 2008 1032 Downloads (6.8 a day)

Building a Better Dave 2007 1617 Downloads (3.1 a day)
Building a Better Dave 2008 915 Downloads (6.0 a day)

This averages to an increase of 98% from 2007 to 2008


I also looked at my stats from the now podfaded Podcast Promo Show.

It seemed that Libsyn numbers were higher by about 29% than Feedburner numbers. Here are some examples

Feedburner showed 29 downloads to Libsyn's 34
Feedburner showed 27 downloads to Libsyn's 37
Feedburner showed 30 downloads to Libsyn's 47

So the range of my 57 shows was from 13% - 57%

My conclusion? Pick one and go with it. I use Libsyn cause in theory "Everything comes back to the host." I like their stats, and I can get stats without involving another redirect to my mp3 file.


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