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Apr 24, 2006

Length 20 Minutes (I'm SORRY!)

Live shows are fun (starting with Dave calling this show #31 when its 32).

Dave shares some comments from the audience about their iPod, and shares his insights into the Expo this weekend. If you hear bad reviews as the reviewer what time they attended.

Thank to all the commenters


Apr 21, 2006

Length 15 Minutes

Dave talks about some tips he has discovered in doing contests (like people may not even hear your show for DAYS after you announce your contest).

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Podcast Expo Seminar...

Apr 19, 2006

In this 19 Minute show Dave talks the pros and cons of buying an ipod (as he bought one). He compares his 60G iPod to his Rio Carbon, and iRiver 899. You can check out Dave's iPod model HERE (amazon)

iPod Pros:
Lots of room
Very easy to update
Smart Play lists

Only one play back speed
Can't delete a...

Apr 10, 2006

Heloo everyone.
This show is quick as I was taking care of my family this week (My brother and sister in law were in an accident - they're fine, but were out of commission most of the weekend).

Podcast User Magazine Issue 3 

Podcast Central Issue #1 (zipped) 

Check out this cool box (you might have to scroll down to...

Apr 3, 2006

This show features an interview with the maker of PodPress a really powerful (and easy to install) plugin for Wordpress.

Check out this free video tutorial to see PodPress in action



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