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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Nov 28, 2005

Length: 16 Minutes

Book Review "The Absolute Beginners Guide to Podcasting"

Switchpod Interview (web hosting company)

Podcast Promotion: Do you have the cart before the horse?

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Nov 21, 2005

Intro by KFC from the Podchick Podcast

Sites Mentioned: Get the Newspaper read to you.

The David Lawrence Show

Premium Podcasting (Sell Your Podcast)

Keith and the Girl

PK and J Show

Podcast 411

Podcast Tools Tips Alway listen to your podcast before posting Learn to Podcast at

Nov 18, 2005

Intro by Rich Palmer

Interview with John Zeratsky live from the floor of the Podcasting Expo. I attempt to clean the the background up with sound soap from Also mentioned multi-track recording...

Nov 15, 2005

Length: 15 Minutes

Dave talks about some reflections of some of the more frequently asked questions that he heard at the Podcast Expo.


Other Sites Mentioned:
Digital Flotsam
Podcast 411
Feed Player
5 Questions Podcast

Microphone Placement
iRiver Speed...

Nov 9, 2005

Length 7 Minutes
Dave discusses a different point of view on the RIAA becoming more nervous about Podcasting.
Resouces Mentioned

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Griffin Technology iMic USB Audio...