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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Feb 26, 2007

Dave follows up on last week's show with some tips from Don Lewis of and Sallie from as we try to remove hum from a non-skype call. Dave is using a Ground-Loop Isolator

Dave got a free subscription to Website Magazine. They have some interesting articles on...

Feb 19, 2007

Dave talks about the $270 he spent on an Inline Patch from JK Audio a few years ago has not produced better results than the $25 a year he pays for SkypeOut .

Dave also has tried 2 FM transmitters for either the iPod or a portable player. The Griffin transmitter for the iPod had no volume control, and it was really...

Feb 13, 2007

Dave continues on with a few other mistakes that Podcasters may be making:

1. SHOW ME THE MONEY- The person who doesn't even have a podcast topic, but knows he can sell it. Get your audience first, then monetize it. Paul Colligan has a great book  - The Business Podcasting Bible - about it.

2. Not reporting their music...

Feb 7, 2007

Dave talks about some common podcasting mistakes these include:

Making your first impression by apologizing for not putting out a show. Remember there are lots of new listeners on the way (so why not do this at the end if you need to).

People assume that people have heard Part 1 of an interview so they (literally) start...