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Nov 30, 2020

Is Your Podcast Future Proof?

I was asked by one of my editing clients to go back and edit some of their episodes and remove discussions that were about specific events at a specific time. In listening to their episodes there are a couple of strategies you can do to make your show future-proof.

Always Use the Year


Nov 23, 2020

Today we talk about the 1.7 billion dollar mistake that was Quibi and how we can learn from their mistake. We also take a look at the power of follow up questions, and the best place to buy gear. 

Table of Contents

01:22 Your Favorite Podcast - Send in Your Answer
02:56 Now That's A Good Question: Howard Stern and...

Nov 16, 2020

The show is filled with "Because of My Podcast" stories. We also have a great example of a good question, and a reminder that Apple is going on Holiday soon (very important if you wanted a podcast ready to go in January 20201).


Ready to start your podcast? Got a podcast and you need to...

Nov 9, 2020

I had someone ask me about starting a podcast. They wanted to "Stand Out" without "Niching Down." The easiest way to stand out is to Niche down. When you do a show like We Have Cancer, Adoptees On, or the Chameleon Breeder, you get providing information that people can't get anyplace else. You end up with a smaller...

Nov 2, 2020

Your Podcast is A Steam Train

I often say that when you start out, your show is rolling slow. As it keeps moving, it gets faster and faster. It just takes time, consistency (of schedule, and value). Kim Krajci of Toastmasters 101 pointed me toward this YouTube video from Box Angeles. This video shows Mellisa Hunter who...