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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Nov 16, 2015

Last week we talked about the importance of headlines, and I gave you a free resource to help you make better headlines. Now in Podcasting you headline is your "Show Notes" title. You can get the free resources at

Your Podcast Introduction

People are busy. We hear activity like a badge of honor. How are you ding Bob? BUSY! I'm backed up. I don't get to take lunch. I'M SWAMPED! So with this in mind it is my opinion that your intro should get to the point quickly and answer the following questions:

Who am I listening to?

What is this?

Why do I need to listen to this now?

Get to the Punch Line?


Put Yourself in the Shoes Of Your Listener

When they do a search in Google, or iTunes, etc they see your information and they are asking:

  1. Should I listen to this podcast.
  2. Should I keep listening to this podcast?
  3. Will I come back to listen to this podcast

Today I play intros from the following Shows

The Podcast Report

Podcast Producer

5 Minutes in Church History

317 Podcast

Your Intro is Important

Mark Ramsey said at the new Media Expo that unlike radio, every podcast listener starts at the beginning. Make yours count, hit them hard, hit them quick, and let them know what they are going to get.

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Get Exposure For Your Show

26:45 November is almost over. Each year I ask you to answer one question. What is your favorite podcast and WHY. Be sure to tell us where we can find your podcast (and what it's about). I'm really interested to see WHY. You can record/upload your answer at There may be a prize involved......

Andrew Hellmich Refused to Podcast For Free - And it's Paying Off

27:48 Andrew Hellmich is from the Photo Bizz Exposed podcast ( and does a podcast about boosting your wedding Photography business. Andrew launched a premium version of his show - when he launched. He knew the podcast would take time away from his business, and with a family to feed he couldn't podcast for free. The other thing Andrew does well, is provide value. He knows people will not pay for horrible content.

In this interview you will hear:

Andrew has hundreds of people paying for his membership

He didn't start in the direction where he landed. He didn't wait to get it perfect. He launched and tweaked.

His current strategy is to have 5 episodes available for free, and if you want access to the back catalog you need to pay Andrew $20 a month.

Passive income is not always passive.

Andrew has been podcasting for three years (this didn't happen overnight)

You will hear how Andrew is not afraid to try new things.

Andrew loves using Hindenburg Software to edit his podcast.

Do You Need a Good Podcast Introduction?

If you ever wonder where I got the female singers, or who did the intro to Andrew's show check out Music Radio Creative you get the top voices from all over the world, and years of experience. They can help you shape your message (for those who are marketing challenged). It's a great service.

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Join the school of podcasting and avoid the common pitfalls of podcasting. You will learn

  • How to shape your topic
  • What is the best equipment to choose (Without blowing a fortune)
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  • How to record your show and get it into directories like Apple iTunes
  • How to promote your show and get exposure

You also get access to our private facebook group, and monthly  "office hour" sessions where you can get free consulting.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. If you join and are not satisfied, I will refund your money.