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Jul 31, 2017

Each month I ask my audience a question and they answer and we all learn together. This month I asked, "What have you changed about your show and why?"

Some people added/removed co-hosts. Some people updated artwork and intro music. Others start/stopped writing out their podcasts. Some adjusted their attitude, or cut back on some of the podcast promotion. 

The following people contributed

Win from
Brad from
Anna From Authentic Moments
Cheri from
Dads Spotlight Lawschool Insider
Emily from 
Craig from Inglespodcast
Gabe Guys and food podcast 
Gary and Margaret from Kiwi Mana - Bee Keeping Podcast
Jenny K From Studio Chaotic
John The Wired home School
Kim from and
Mark King (Venture Captial)
Paul from
Scott from the Computer Tutor Podcast 
Sean from Slept in Government Class
Bryan From Engaging Missions
Randy Cantrel From  Pear Advisory Group
Zack from Raising Rents (as in Parents) 

In the end, this shows you can change your podcast. Your podcast is not a statue, it's a recipe. If you want to change it you can. If you're happy with it, keep doing it, but there is nothing stopping you from throwing something out there, seeing the feedback, and go from there.

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The Power Of Distraction

I had an awkward moment this weekend. My ex-father-in-law passed away. I wanted to be there for my ex-wife and my ex-step-children. I remember when my Mom died how weird it is to be in a room with your loved one in a box. My goal was to distract them from their Grandfather in the casket. I wanted to make them laugh (if possible) and get them talking about anything. While people alway say, "Thank you so much for coming.." when my oldest step daughter came up and gave me a hug and said, "I'm so glad you came" it seemed a little more heartfelt. It made me feel so good to be there for people in need. 


There are times when people have bad days, weeks, maybe bad months, and YOUR SHOW can be the distraction that helps them get through the day. Your show's ability to make them laugh, cry, think, grown, educated, or entertain, can take them away from whatever is bugging them. I saw that today face to face, and it can be huge. 

So if you're not getting feedback, or you're not selling a course, realize you can be doing a ton of service to people and never know it.