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Jun 13, 2016

Because of My Podcast - I Got to Go To The Largest Event in My Niche

2:05 Cale Nelson from wanted to go to world's largest Ham Radio event. He wanted to go, but had these pesky things called kids that need silly things like food, clothes, and shelter. So this didn't leave Cale with money to spend on his hobby of podcasting. Well a few listeners said he should try putting together a funding campaign, and so he did. Did he get the money he needed?

Well he didn't get the 100% needed.

He got 220% he needed!

He did this providing VALUE for shirts, hats, shipping, etc.

The cool thing is Cale had the courage to try a crowd funding. It could've blown up in his face. Instead his audience came through and he got to attend with all of his expenses paid. 

Why You Should Attend Events

I went to Podcast Movement last year. I went to a session to support my friend Steve Stewart. After his session some guy named Glenn Hebert got up to speak. You may heave heard me mention Glenn the Geek from the Horse Radio Network (Glenn has 20+ advertisers on his network). I saw Glenn do an impromptu speach. That lead to me asking him to come on the show. That lead to a relationship where Glenn asked me to speak at Podfest last year. That lead to me being interviewed for a documentary about podcasting. Which has now lead me to being asked to help with the film. The film is going to be AWESOME.

I will be setting creating relationships with people who you will hear on this show. I have found co-hosts. Here are come cool places to go

Podcast Movement - July 5-6 Chicago, (use the coupon sop40)

Podcast MidAtlantic  September 9-10 NJ

New Media Europe - June 18, 19

Podcast Success Summit - Online 89 Speakers

Podfest February 23-25 Orlando

Podcast Bingeing

22:54 The Moose Falulence Podcast (joke)

 I found a new podcast that I'm really loving. It does the two things that I really like. As a teacher, I love to learn. As a human, I love to laugh. When you can have me doing both, I'm a fan for life. I discovered a show called the Pub from "the Current" (itunes). The host is Adam Ragusea and he takes current news, and dissects it uses it as a learning tool. The latest episode had him picking apart an interview of Donald Trump. This wasn't for the content, but to look at the strategy of how the interviewer approached the subject.

He is not afraid to bite the hands that feed him (the media) and backs up his opinion with great insights. He's a Journalist in Residence and Visiting Assistant Professor of Journalism at the Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University in Macon, Ga. He’s also reported for public radio shows including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here & Now, Marketplace and The Takeaway. Before becoming a journalist, Adam studied music composition, and he creates all the music for The Pub.

If you want to keep up with the media, or if you're tired of all the "Podcasts about podcasting" (but still want to improve your show), you might give this a listen.

Finding Your Audience - Tools

27:10 Don't just Google, go and advanced Google search where you can exclude things you don't want at Check out barndi Youn'gs article on advanced Google Searches

Find People on twitter, but use the advanced twitter.

You can use a tool like You type in keywords and it'll show you what's being read in your space in the last year, two years, etc. Helps Podcasters 

30Cast is a new service launching next month to help podcasters find music to use in your podcast. :30cast offers fully produced tracks that fit any theme, topic, vibe, or feel.Each piece of music is 30 seconds long (not my favorite part of this idea). This is not for a person who wants to be a DJ and play the entire song. Pricing will be

9.99 for a one time use

24.99 for a month

49.99 for three months

89.99 for six months

$129 for a full year. 

During the time your license is active, you can use that piece of music in as many podcasts as you want.

This is not for major label music. This is indie musicians that make professional sounding music. 


From the Audience

As if 35 podcasts weren't enough to keep up with, you gave me a 36th to listen to. Now I'm binge-listening to The Podcast Engineering Show.
As a compulsive gear-head and self-confessed audio snob, it's the kind of show I've been hoping for. Having been podcasting myself since 2008, I'm well beyond "how do you set up a mix-minus?" and "what is gain-staging?"
And because the tea leaves were pretty clear to me 3-4 years ago, I knew that serious podcasters were going to have to step up their audio engineering game. Plus, I love this kind of crap.
So Dave, thanks for adding yet another podcast to my life. I'll have to look through the list of shows and unsubscribe from one of them to restore balance to my life. But don't worry, it won't be yours!
Muhhamad Ali Follow Up
44:07 Last week I did a segment on what Podcasters could learn from Muhammad Ali. I wasn't sure how this would go over. I was a little worried, but it interested me so I went with it. Apparently, it interested you as well as I had a few people email me to say that they enjoyed the episode.
One last thing I have also learned about Ali since last week. One movie I watched explained how he was somewhere with Jim Brown who was basically a Super Hero who played for the Cleveland Browns. He went to Jim and said, "Let's go for a walk and talk to some people." He was always above serving and connecting with his audience.
The Naked Episode
46:23 I had a few people comment on the Naked Episode. This was an episode I did with just the Audio technica ATR2100 microphone and Audacity. This was to show you that you don't need to spend $1600 on equipment. I've had a few people say to me, "I don't hear a difference." This proves my point that we can sit in a room with our headphones squished into our head, but for the person on the bus, subway, walking the dog, etc. Nobody hears these subtle differences that the extra hardware creates. I actually had one person that thought it sounded better

Latest Podcast Reviews

47:49 I subscribed to Dave's School of Podcasting after listening to several episodes of his show. There are other people out there who teach podcasting with a bit more hype, pomp and circumstance, but I don't believe that those methods will produce long term results. What I like about Dave is he seems to actually care not only about people individually, but about the podcasting field in general. Dave will never tell you to exchange reviews. I know this practice exists, and yes, of course I've been tempted to go this route myself, but think about it.... why should you get someone to review your show who will never listen to it? Don't you want REAL listeners to review your show? You will only gain listeners by producing great content and marketing your show to actual potential listeners. Also don't be fooled by Dave's humility. He really knows his stuff and if you spend a few shows listening to him, you'll start to learn it too. I've greatly improved my podcasting skills by listening to his show, and being a member of his School of Podcasting hasn't hurt either because he always answers my questions, usually within an hour of my emailing him. If you are going to pay for a podcasting coach, the value you get from the School of Podcasting can't be beat. - BirdBrain 99

It's not boring and you do learn new things on each episode. - VeronicaMoreno010308

Courtesy of My Podcast Reviews

Your reviews are deeply appreciated. Leave you review today.

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

There is always someone better, and someone worse than you. Today we heard from Cale Nelson, and how he is impacting people (and how he is being impacted). We never mentioned his numbers. Know WHY you want to podcast, and realize that after three months you're not going to have 1000 downloads per episode (unless you name is recognizable). 

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