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Jan 19, 2015

Podcasting can help you be seen as an expert. You will hear about how it helped Darren Dake of the Coroner Talk Podcast land a dream job. If you want to join in on the conversation use the options on our Contact Page, or call 888-563-3228. Also don't forget you can be entered to win a free year at the School of Podcasting by taking our Audience Survey. (Contest ends 1/30/15 with the winner being announced on the Ask the Podcast Coach show).

Podcast Award Nominations Open January 19th

If you want to nominate your show, and have your audience nominate your show, go to

Win a Trip To New Media Expo

We are looking for people who will take all the shows that are nominated for a podcast award and score their show. There is a base set of criteria, and we will have a webinar to show you how to go about it. If you review four categories (about 16 hours of work) you will receive a pass to the new media expo (travel is not covered). You can review less than  categories (it is not mandatory).  If you are interested,  go to If you thinking of going to New Media Expo then use the coupon sop2015 to save 20% For more information go to

Because of His Podcast Darren Dake [8:50]

A1-Me-224x300Darren has been involved in death scene investigating. After podcasting on a separate topic for a year, he decided to podcast about what he knew. He started and his podcast was designed to help others who didn't have access to training to their job better. Being so niche, when people in this field find this show they love it. Consequently, his podcast positioned him as a trainer, a leader, and someone who knows what he is talking about and now he is the director of training for the Association of Deputy Sheriffs for the  state of Missouri. Darren feels his podcast put him in a position to be seen as an authority, as someone who obviously has a passion for teaching, and who knew what he was talking about. He will be developing training tracks and managing the whole training program. He had always eyed this job, but not pursued it. Now, because of his podcast the job pursued him. Darren had a previous show title Engaging Life and Leadership. Because of that show he was a panelist at Podcast Movement. He decided to cease production of that show. They produced 65 episodes, and they "podfaded." When I asked him why, he explained how it just wasn't fun anymore. He and his co-host had said about all there was to say on the subject. He took his experience from Engaging Life and Leadership and used it to create Coroner Talk.

Last 5 in 5 - Darren Dake

Here are the last 5 podcasts that Darrn listened to. If you want to send in your Last 5 in 5, visit our contact page. Be sure to tell us a little about your show and where we can find you. Tech News Weekly This American Life Ask the Podcast Coach Ray Edwards Show True Murder

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