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Sep 21, 2015

I was lucky enough to get to hang out with Jeff Bradburry of the Teachercast network at Podcast MidAtlantic. Jeff is helping teachers utilize technology (like Podcasting) in the classroom. I first met Jeff on a Podcaster's Roundtable and was amazed as he is doing everything LIVE. The one thing that impresses me with Jeff is he truly understands his audience. These (in some cases) are people who have struggled with technology, and are now looking to embrace it and improve the lives of students. Jeff understands that a teacher may call "audio on a podcast (no RSS feed" a "podcast" (when by definition it's not) but instead of splitting hairs, he stays focused on the goal (inspiring learning in the classroom with technology). 

Go Have a Baby or Three

Jeff Bradbury TeachercastJeff was at an event when his wife went into labor. She was three months early, and Jeff had his hold booth setup. As you can see to the right. Jeff's booth is first class (GO BIG OR GO HOME). So you might be just a little nervous about running out the door and leaving all your equipment behind. His audience knew Jeff's situation (pregnant with triplets) and told him over and over "Go, we've got you covered" (and they did). His audience trusts Jeff, and in this case he trusted his equipment to his audience. 

Go Inspire a Conference: Your Show Started THIS...

Jeff had gone to a conference and spoke about it, and it turns out his audience was listening. They were so inspired by the idea they started an edcamp in their city. So there was no event, Jeff starts a podcast and BOOM now there is an event where there was none. Not only was their an event but a group of people enjoying it, and improving their lives. Why? Because Jeff started a podcast. 

Being Seen as an Expert

Jeff has worked with some major brands (Microsoft, Pearson) and Jeff always bring his "A game" and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way and that has lead to him getting a new job and allowing him to move to a better location for his new (larger) family. 

I love it when the good guys win. 

Go check out Jeff at

Voxer App Turn Your Phone Into a Walkie Talkie

Jeff did a quick demo for me at Podcast Midatlantic and I was surprised how addicting Voxer is a free app that allows you to create a group "chat" where you can share audio, video, and text. It's pretty cool and I could see people making private chats for their listeners. For more information go to Here is a quick video overview:




International Podcast Day Gratitude Award

You have until the end of the week to nominate yourself. This is not based on voting or audience size, but how much your audience is thankful, by how much their life has been changed by YOUR show. Nominate yourself at

Clammr Are Super Easy to Create with Simple Podcast Press

Clammr is a free app that makes it super easy to share short clips of audio (with links to your full episode). Now users of the Simple Podcast Press plugin (which already add subscribe buttons, email subscriptions and more has a clammr button which makes it SUPER easy to create a clammr from your website. This makes it super easy for your audience to share your content on the clammr. For more information check out Simple Podcast Press

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