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School of Podcasting

Mar 10, 2008

In a recent "Roundtable" at the School of Podcasting where members from the School of Podcasting get together and share tips and insights into all things podcasting we go to talking about using USB interfaces. People loved their USB microphones, but it seemed to be a trend of people getting USB interfaces, and then not use them.

Also, back in 2005 people that used Audacity often had an "Audacity crashed" story. That was a while ago, and Audacity has been upgraded and I'm looking to see if it is indeed more stable (as I haven't heard a story about Audacity in a while).

Please CLICK HERE to take the quick survey (using ) and let us know about your experience with USB devices and Audacity.

Also we are running low on Podcast Promos at

Thanks in advance and next week I'll tell you what I learn.

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