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Sep 25, 2017

The fastest way to connect with your audience is face to face. You may be thinking of creating a meetup, or a workshop, or yearly event around your topic/show. How do you go about doing it?

Today we have Chris Krimitsos who is the organizer of, Nick Seuberling of Cincinnati Soccer Talk, and Darryl E. McCullough who just organized his first event National Podcast Power.  Darryl also hosts the Full Circle Podcast.

In today's episode you will hear:

About Nick taking his audience on a four-hour bus trip to Pittsburgh

Darry'ls reflections the day after National Podcast Power conference

Chris shares his insights as someone who has organized thousands of events. 

The risks and deposits that may be involved with an event.

How to negotiate with hotels. 

How to choose speakers for your event. 

The dangers of food around your event. 

How to shop for a bus.

Free places for a casual meetup.

What was Chris's biggest trainwreck and how he handled it

What to do with negative feedback

Building Routines

When you create an event for your audience, you are making memories with your audience. With the right event, people can start building their schedule around your events, and you become part of their routine. 

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