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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jul 17, 2006

Dave has some fun playing with Jason Robertshaw of and trys to find a new opening.

Dave discusses an idea that came about in today's School of Podcasting Roundtable (available to members of the School of Podcasting ) using promotional drink coasters from WWW.BRANDERS.COM where you can get your logo put on a coaster. (couretesy of Johnathon of

Last 5 in 5 courtest of Twilight of
1. Nate and Di 
"The Nate and Di Show is a podcast intended for Mature Audiences Only. We are blasphemous and have potty mouths!"

2. Punk Radio
Half an hour of X-rated music and mayhem from The Heart of Sherwood Forest featuring tracks you've never heard before, expressions you've never heard before and jokes you'll never want to hear again.

3. The Twisted Pickle
The Twisted Pickle Show is a guy in Omaha sharing humor and stories meant to help you not take anything in life serious. Personal, sometimes funny stories, all told without his wife knowing the show far....

4. The Bitterest Pill
Comedy, Commentary, and Music from a stay home Dad/Shut In

5. Best of the Left Podcast
A Podcast where we play the best of talk radio on the left side of the dial. Real radio, real liberal. Condensed into neat, commute sized, chunks.

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