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Dec 6, 2021

Thanks to an older brother and sister, I was born a Beatles fan. When I watched the six-hour documentary Get Back I saw tip after tip that podcasters could benefit from. 

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Because of My Podcast

Andy Driscoll of shares how he is going to get to go to a tradeshow for his podcast and record live on the floor. The show is picking up his hotel expenses. Who doesn't love a trip to vegas?

New Free Course From the School of Podcasting: Learn Podpage

Podpage is a great tool to make a great-looking website for your podcast without knowing any coding. I've made a top to bottom course of this great tool and made it available for free.


15 Lessons From The Beatles

02:09  Because of My Podcast: Andy Driscoll
06:13  Free Course
07:45  Lessons from the Beatles Opening
09:19  Practice, Practice, Practice
10:32  Get Objective Feedback
11:44  Your Environment Matters
14:48  Set Realistic Goals to Avoid Burnout
17:15  Going Live Requires Practice
18:07  Everyone Needs to Feel Heard
19:44  Chemistry is Important
21:58  Be on Time
22:43  Be Inspired By Others
24:03  Capture Your Ideas
24:56  Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
26:13  Editing is a Good Thing
30:32  Money Changes Everything
31:26  Don't Let Yoko Sing


II need your answer by 12/24/21. The question is "What is your favorite Podcast and why?". 

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Tascam Mixcast 4 Nightmare

I bought a Mixcast 4 from Tascam, and it has some great features except it died TWICE in the middle of a live stream. I'll keep you informed as I work with their support team to identify what the issue is. 

Yes, I'm using the latest firmware.

I do enjoy my new Shure SM7B

I used the 90 days same as cash option at Sweetwater.


Why You Hate Your Voice

When Is You Podcast Ready For the Public

Shure SM7B

Tascam Mixcast 4

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