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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

We all know that person who is always embarking on new adventures and taking risks. It seems like they were born with an innate sense of courage - but the truth is, everyone has the potential for courage. Doubt is part of the podcasting process. Today I'm back from the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop with some insights to help you get started and keep going. 

I also made some mistakes that I will share and some insights on some tools and strategies. 

Ready To Start Your Podcast

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This month the question is from Patrick from the Big Seance and he wants to know:

What standard or tradition in podcasting do you tend to ignore and why do you do it differently?

Don't forget to say the name of your show and website, and a little bit about your show.

I need your answer by 10/28/22

Leave Your Answer at

Because of My Podcast - I'm Going to Dubai

Harry Durran of Podcast Junkies was on episode 767 talking about his hyper-niche Vertical Farming Podcast, and Because of that Podcast, her is going to Dubai. How cool is that? Learn more about that show at

Where I Will Be?

I look forward to seeing you all, please come up and say hi. To see my full itinerary, go to

Mentioned In This Episode

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Samson Q2U Microphone

Zoom Podtrak Recorder/Interface

Profit From Your Podcast Book

My Spouse Has Dementia

Convertkit Email Tool

Substack Email List Tool

Leighann Lord (Very Funny Lady)

Erma Bombeck on Amazon (aff)

Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop

Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic book (aff)

Katrina Little

Harry Durran Episode 767

Podcast Junkies

Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life and Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks

Time Table

00-00:55 Opening
56:00 Introduction
01:43:00 Because of My Podcast
03:50 Age is a Number
11:13 Join the School of Podcasting
12:36 Follow the Show
12:55 I'll start podcasting as soon as ....
16:18 Not Everyone Will "Get you"
18:00 Creepy Dudes ENOUGH!
19:42 Book Titles
20:15 Make the Podcast You Want to Hear
20:55 Someday is Today Snippet
24:45 Creators Create
25:54 Start where you are...
26:40 What is the worst thing that could happen?
27:06 What is Stopping You?
28:38 Getting Unstuck with Katrina Kittle
35:50 Notes on My Presentation
39:48 Tools and Strategies from The Event
46:13 Question of the Month
47:42 Where will I be?
48:25 Three Magic Words
50:12 Join the School of Podcasting
51:08 Bloopers

This podcast is value-for-value enabled which means you can send boosts and boostagrams using a new modern app. You can also Buy Me a Coffee (or 5...). This podcast took 9 hours to research, record, edit, document, and publish. 

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