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Mar 18, 2019

I got an email from someone struggling to start their podcast, "The biggest issue I’m dealing with is psychological: the show is not coming together in the format that I really wanted—and at this point there seems to be nothing I can do about that— but that, combined with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and the inevitable self-comparisons to what others are doing as well as my own personal expectations has quite frankly got me a little bit paralyzed. It’s like I’m on the firing line, I’m locked and loaded and I’ve got a good site picture, but I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger because I’m afraid of the kickback." 

I've mentioned in the past how to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and the story of Monica Rivera, and today I want to talk about how it feels to podcast.

What Does it Feel Like to be a Podcaster?

By the possibilities

When computers decide to be, well, computers.

When you figure things out

As you are learning new things, and getting outside of your comfort zone.

When you publish your first episode

When you realize everyone can hear your show.

Humbled / Shocked
When we inspire someone or affect someone.

When you find out you’re not the only one who thinks this way.

Because you are surrounded by people similar to you

At the opportunities to that come your way, the people you get to speak

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Podcasting in America

The latest edition the Edison Research Infinite Dial was published. Here are some insights:

70%  are familiar with the word podcasting ( 197 Million people)

51% have listened to at least one podcast ( a 7% jump)

32% listen on a monthly basis (up from 26%)

22% listen on a weekly basis (up from 17%)

17 million more people are monthly listeners than last year.

14 million more podcast are listening

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