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Mar 23, 2020

What do people mean when they say "Bad Audio" well I made some. You will hear where some strategies DO create bad audio and others (using your phone may not be horrible). 

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Table of Contents

01:30 Focusrite Studio Makeover

03:31 Defining what Bad Audio Sounds Like

03:54 Built-in Camera Mic

04:42 Built-in Laptop Mic

05:36 Recording into Voicememo on My iPhone

06:12 Samson Q2U in the Bathroom

07:29 Using Blankets

08:09 Dave in His Closet

09:01 Blue Yeti in the Bathroom

10:34 Blue Yeti under Blankets

11:01 Blue Yeti in the Closet

12:26 Blue Yeti on a Desk

12:55 Q2U in the Closet

14:31 Trying to Clean Bad Audio

16:16 Do Portable Audio Booths Work?

20:15 Noise Gate Example

21:56 EQ Settings to Try

24:59 EQ Examples

26:38 Podcast Rewind

29:44 Some Light Reading

31:30 March Question of the Month