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Apr 27, 2020

Because of My Podcast

Kevin from the AP Professor

Check out Kevin's book "Pandemic Tracking: A survival Guide for College Faculty."

Check out Kevin on the Podcast Review Show


Arnie Chapman _ Football History Dude

Joan Wheeler - Culture Rich Podcast

Darwyn Dave - Dealing with My Grief

David Oliver Kling Sacramental Whine, and Midgard Interactive

Kris from Kris and Kristine

Clay Groves From Fish Nerds

Zoe and Sammy From the Daily Chicken Podcast

York From Poetic Earthlings 

Dennis Trumpy - Sleep To Healthy

Stephen Indrisano - Stephen King Boo! Club

Kim Newlove - The Pharmacists Voice

Timothy Kimo Brien - Create Art & Podwrecked

Mike Thomas - Innopsis Podcast

Links to All Items at the Website

Time Table

00:43 Because of my Podcast
05:09 What Do You Use to Make Your Podcast
06:07 Arnie Chapman Football History Dude
08:30 Joan Wheeler Culture Rich Podcast
12:09 Darwyn Dave Delling with My Grief
16:37 Dave - Sacimental Whine - MidGaurd Interactive
18:37 Kris - Kris and Kristine Show
21:04 Clay Groves - Fish Nerds
23:44 Zoe & Sammy The Daily Chicken
25:06 York - Poetic Earthlings
26:10 Dennis Trumpy - Sleep to Healthy
28:05 Steven Indrisano - Steven King Boo! Club
32:59 Kim Newlove - The Pharmacists Voice
39:46 Tim From Create Art
42:55 Mike Thomas - Innopsis Podcasts
46:19 Dave - School of Podcasting
50:41 May Question of the Month

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