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Oct 1, 2018

Today on episode 638 I am talking about controlling a conversation from two different angles.

Bonus Content

Why Squadcast is the Best Tool for Recording Interviews

I speak with Zach Moreno one of the founders of Squadcast (save 50% off using the coupon code sopfans ) who explains

  • Why he (a programmer) and his brother (an audio engineer) started Squadcast
  • How they had an issue, but it has been solved and they may have their solution patented
  • What is coming in the future

Squadcast is super easy. You put in the email address, the date and time of the interview and it does everything else. The big key is your guest(s) need to use chrome to use the system. The system prompts them to use chrome if they are not. It records their side of the conversation locally to their computer and then QUICKLY uploads it when the conversation is done. If there were any glitches where the speaking was cut out during the call, the local recording does not have any of those glitches.

Squadcast is currently $20 a month. You get save 50% using the coupon code sopfans at

How To Ensure Everyone Knows Your Intent

I was watching Comedian in Cars Getting Coffe with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Bur. Bill voiced his fear of how people are having careers taken away becomes someone took something you said as a joke seriously and they are now TELLING YOU what YOUR intent was. As Bill put it, "You don't get to decide that you're in my head and you know my intent."

One example of a company who ensures you understand their intent is American Airlines who has a podcast called "Tell Me Why." For example, one episode an American Airline representative explains the changes in their policy regarding support animals. I think this is an awesome job as a lazy journalist (where people just Google a subject, do no research and copy and paste an answer - even it is entirely untrue). could easily spin this as "American Airlines hates all animals." The good news is American Airlines through their podcast has a DIRECT CONNECTION with their audience (their customers). They don't have to worry about anyone from the mainstream media putting a spin on it.

I personally found it strange when people began burning their own shoes in protest to Colin Kaepernick is a new spokesperson for Nike. So I did something people use to do called "Journalism." I listened to Colin's first press conference. It turns out. He doesn't hate the troops the flag, or the country. What he hates is the alarming rate of police brutality that he sees and hears about, and yet it is never covered on the news, and there seems to be no justice for the victims. In fact, the news just kept repeating how it was disrespectful for the troops and the flag. Even though in his press conference later he said, "People thought it was about the flag or the troops and it's not."

So when you go through the mainstream media, your message has a potential to get very distorted. This is why Colin Kaepernick needs his own podcast. Then people could go directly to the source and here what his intentions are, why he is doing what he is doing, and maybe get a better understanding. For me, I urge all white people who group up around white people (you're not racist, but it just so happens there were no black people in your neighborhood to watch the documentary movie 13th on Netflix

Freedom of Speach is Not Freedom from Consequences

Just because you can say it, doesn't mean there weren't be consequences. For example, I believe it is illegal to scream "FIRE" in a theater. You are free to say it, but you will go to jail. Keep this in mind that stating your intentions and opinion will exercise your right to free speech. It may also introduce you to the law of consequences. 

One A Side Note

There was a time when you were allowed to have a difference of opinion. You might actually have a "dialogue" so you and another person could examine both viewpoints to see if you agreed on anything, or might gain an new insight and expand your knowledge. It seems harder and harder to do that today. As I bring today's slight controversial topic, please note I don't support sexual predators, racists, or anyone spreading hate speech (cause racism is learned from your parents are friends - you are not born a racist). 

If this episode offended you I'm sorry. My goal is to show how you can get your unedited point across on your podcast and have it reach the world