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May 29, 2023

We all use different tools to create our episodes. I left the door WIDE OPEN for your responses and asked what was your favorite tool to create your show. The answers are very interesting.

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Scott from What Was That Like? - Pre Chat Conversations via Squadcast 

Matt from The Author inside You loves Canva (so do I)

Louis from Love Thy Lawyer loves his Rodecaster Pro I (hard to find the new Rodecasterpro Duo is available for pre-order,

Sarah from the Kind Leadership Challenge thinks DELEGATION is her favorite tool. She uses Descript and an outside editor. 

Craig from InglesPodcast - values his co-host.

York from Welcome to Earth Stories loves Izotope.

Alison from Starzology loves Buzzsprout

Fred from Podcast Reporter loves Audacity

Mark from the History of North America also loves Audacity

Steve From love Text Expander (SO DO I!)

Chris from Podtastic Audio loves Cleanfeed

Zo From Back Look Cinema loves Audacity

Dave Loves Switchy, which is a one-time payment on AppSumo


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