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Apr 26, 2021

Apple Is Launching Subscriptions

Here is what we know:

In the US, it's $19.99 a year to participate

Your show is only available in the Apple podcast app but it's not exclusive.

You can set your monthly and yearly subscription price, and signing up will be super easy.

You can offer a free trial along with a freemium model (some free episodes and some paid).

The first year a person subscribes Apple takes 30% of the revenue from that listener, the second year of their subscription they take 15.

Apple will host your files and choose the output format.

Stats on your downloads for the subscribers will come from Apple.

When you sign up for a "regular" podcast you need to choose the one with an RSS feed.

Apple is having MAJOR difficulties this week and as I write this my dashboard has been reading

"We're setting up your account.

This could take a few hours. When we're finished, you can start adding new shows" since 4/21 (it's 4/25 as I write this).

If you're on Anchor and you let Anchor submit your show, you will need to get your show under your Apple ID.

Check out Apple's site

The Math of Subscriptions

Let's look at a podcast that is getting 150 downloads on every episode (after 30 days). 

If you have 150 downloads per episode. The typical percentage of people who will take action is 3%. This would mean 4.5 people which I will round up to 5.

If you charge $5/month that is $25 (Five people at $5/month). Apple is going to take 30% ($7.50) and leave you with $17.50

With this in mind when you start thinking of bonus content, and the effort it takes, you need to ask yourself is this worth $17.50.

In the same scenario your take-home pay is: $23.93
Supercast: $23.64
Patreon (8%): $22.88
Apple: $17.47

Is It Worth It?

All the extra work, how long is it going to take? You need to answer that question. If you spend four hours a month creating additional content, you want to take that $17.50 per month you are making from subscribers and divide by four hours to get $4.38per hour. Is missing time with your family, your sanity, your health, with it?

What We Don't Know About Apple Subscriptions

Are they going to release Apple podcasts on Android? This seems like something they should be doing.

Is it $20 per year (US) or $20 per year per country? IMHO, this is $20/year (US) for all countries. When I started to sign up last night Apple wanted to charge me $20

My Podcast Reviews Adds Follow Pages

On episode 709 Interviewed Daniel J Lewis from My Podcast Reviews (which is ONE place to get ALL of your reviews in ONE place from ALL Countries). Now they have added an easy way to get people to subscribe/follow your podcast (which really is something you want them to d0. You can see it live in action at

For more information check out My Podcast Reviews (aff link)

Podpage Has Added Multiple Updates

I interviewed Brenden from on episode 728. That was after Podpage first launched. If you need more than your "built in" website from your media host, but don't need all the complexity from something like WordPress, Podpage is for you. They've added features such as:

  • Free voicemail
  • Episode signatures (default text that is placed at the bottom of every episode
  • A place for transcripts
  • Multiple templates, more color options, and eCommerce
  • Better search (which s great as WordPress search is awful)
  • Email list building tool

Check out my free course at

Tidycal Adds Zoom Integration

If you need a tool to help schedule guests or consulting clients, Tidycal allows you to create free (or paid) appointments and now it automatically creates a zoom meeting. It also integrates with Paypal, and Google Calendar. Currently, you can purchase LIFETIME access to the tool for $20 (no monthly fees). 

Check out Tidycal

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