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Feb 2, 2015

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There are a few times in your life when you can say, "I don't know," and yet you still have to move forward. One is when you are in college. If you're not ready to declare a major what do you do? When you are having a baby, but you don't know the sex, what do you do when your honest answer is, "I don't know."

Podcast on the New Media Expo Floor on "Podcast Alley"

If you are going to the New Media Expo, we are accepting submissions for people who want to record live "from the floor" if you're going (and you know you should be) go to and submit your show today.

Because of My Podcast: I Am Being More Effective At My Job

Biagio and Joke are the hosts of the Producing Unscripted where they are now training their clients who are now producing better content - and thus they are helping people launch televisions show. Check them out at

I'm Not Sure What To Podcast About: What To Do When You Can't Find a Topic [8:48]

In those situations you take general classes (in the situation of college), and you go buy diapers, lots and lots of diapers, if you have a baby on the way. These are all skills you will need moving forward. No matter what your podcast is going to be about you will need to know the following:

1. How to plug a microphone in, and how to talk into it without having "popping P's"

2. You need to get proper recording levels

3. You could go to (as a temporary play ground - not a permanent solution) and start tinkering around with understanding websites.

4. You can learn how to move files around to position them where you want them.

All of these skills will be used no matter what type of podcast you launch.

What happens if you never launch a podcast? You sell your microphone on ebay. What if your DO launch a podcast, and then later change your mind? There are very popular podcast hosts Mignon Fogherty (known as Grammar Girl) and Cali Lewis of who didn't find their current success on their first attempt at podcasting. Both of their show are their SECOND podcast.

I've had a few podcasts that I tried that didn't work. Do I consider these failures? NO. I learned something from every show. They aren't mistakes, they are learning opportunities.

In music, you can learn three chords (G,C, and D) and play a ton of songs using those basic chords.

Episode Zero Strategy 19:41

You need ONE episode to submit your podcast to iTunes (many people wait till they have at least three to listen to before submitting their show. In the past I've said to tell people about you and to tell them what to expect. That was back in 2005. I've changed since then. Its best to bring the best content you have. To have them going WOW. This will bring you instant credibility. Then they will care about who you are because you help you. Part of this is based on the book Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less that I've spoken about on other episodes. If I tell you my story (unless its a really good story) most people won't care. Move them with your content, then tell them your story.

How to be part of Your Audience's Routine [27:51]

While there are podcasters who are doing well without having a consistent schedule (like Joe Rogan), if you want to be part of your listeners routine, you need to come up with a consistent schedule. Darren Dake from The Coroner Podcast explained how he starts his Mondays with some quiet time with his Bible, and then he starts my podcast (that is a very humbling experience). But I am part of his routine because he can count on my show being there every Monday. 

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